About Indie Beer Week

We're about supporting Irish Independently owned breweries



The ICBI (Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland) is a small trade organisation run by breweries representing breweries. The ICBI works to support its members as well as to promote Independent Irish Beer and the majority of Independent Irish breweries in operation are members of the ICBI community.

As part of the schedule for 2023 the ICBI will be holding our 6th annual Indie Beer Week from 24th to 28th May

In the past Indie Beer Week was focussed on a series of local events held in breweries across Ireland within their communities, in 2021, we held a popular series of online events and now from 2022 on, we're delighted to be back!

We encourage everyone to get involved across the week and make an effort to support their local independent breweries.

#indiebeerweek @indieirishbeer


Indie Beer Week is brought to you by the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland. The ICBI is a trade organisation for independent microbreweries across Ireland. Participants in Indie Beer Week have to be independently owned Irish breweries  and meet the criteria for a microbrewery which is laid out by the government and Revenue.